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Jul 11
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Last month, Will and I began slashing through our budget. We reduced our cable package. We thoughtfully planned each outing as well as our meals. Then, we did the unthinkable… we surrendered our rental furniture. The only places to sit now were around the dining room table and upstairs. Our king sized bed had been […]

Jun 15

I spent the past 5 days manning the Imagination Station at VBS. What does that mean? I, Erin Hall was Mr. Wizard. Too old for you?..Bill Nye?…Beakman? Wow. Sid the Science Kid?! Growing up, my brother and I loved these shows but for this generation, once you out grow Sid, it’s slim pickins.   I […]

Apr 18
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[xt_video type=”vimeo” clip_id=”64323778″ width=”500″ height=”281″ title=”Kylie reads Snack Time”][xt_br] In late September, I was bewildered that my kindergarten daughter had been assigned books to read every night for class. I was pretty sure I was in second grade before I had seen homework but who was I to question her teachers? Ky was used to […]

Nov 03
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Thanksgiving is less than 3 weeks a way. Usually the 3rd Thursday in November reads a lot more like televised parades and enough food to feed an army. Ironically, for a day called Thanksgiving, we seem to give very little thanks. Shortly after Halloween, a trend arose. For each day in November, posts containing one […]

Oct 03
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Will and I had gotten to that point in our lives when we needed to meal plan. I can’t tell you how much money I blew buying things we might need or the time it cost us to run out for the things I had forgotten. If that wasn’t bad enough, too often I actually […]

Sep 16
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We’ve been going to the Allen Public Library for an entire year now and I just discovered they have music cds for kids. Ridiculous, right? Outside of a few Baby Einstein albums and the occasional Raffi reference, we rarely listened to kid music. I probably would never had considered it until I caught my 5 […]

Jul 25
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On back to school night 2012, amid the countless hand outs I received, was a page labeled “Turn Trash into Cash”. Clever I thought. I wonder how many of you toss those little coupons away without a second thought. I know I certainly have. I would save them for months, have no idea how to redeem […]

Jun 11

Today, is my son’s 4th birthday. 4. Yeah, really. I have no idea where the time went but God help me, I will be doing a better job at documenting it. One of the really great ideas I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest is that of the birthday interview. For the most part, it’s a […]

May 03
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For years, we had been telling Kylie she could go to preschool when she was 3. Truthfully, she could have gone earlier if we had had the money but for Kylie, the magic number was 3. Then we moved to Texas and in Texas, the magic number is not 3. It’s 4 and that 4 […]

Apr 23
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Eric was constantly in trouble. His grades were terrible. I was always the “Golden Child”. I could do no wrong. My grades were effortless and at that time, I had no sympathy for his antics. When Eric’s report card showed C’s or above, he was praised and we would go out for pizza. If I […]

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