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Jun 25
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One of the things no one ever tells you is there is no such thing as a free dog. Oakley may have come with no cost up front, but trying to be a responsible pet owner was anything but. Her shots ranged anywhere from $35-65 not including the charge for the office visit. We could […]

May 03
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My husband has the strangest cravings. Every so often I am sent to the store for milk and cookies. That’s not entirely unheard of but instead of Oreos or Chocolate Chip, he’s after Iced Oatmeal Cookies. The stale things you get in a box for under $2 at Walmart. I didn’t get it. Unless the cookie contains […]

Oct 03
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Will and I had gotten to that point in our lives when we needed to meal plan. I can’t tell you how much money I blew buying things we might need or the time it cost us to run out for the things I had forgotten. If that wasn’t bad enough, too often I actually […]

Sep 22
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In our house, the purchase of a random kitchen tool implies the immediate preparation of food by said tool. Ie. 2 months ago, Will gave me a candy thermometer and for 2 months I’ve been hearing “Where’s my caramel?” I have no candy making experience what so ever. It really intimidated me. We have been […]

Sep 16
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Never in my life have I been a morning person but clearly getting up at 6 a.m. every morning is the answer to most things. How does one clean house and still be the fun parent? Get up early. How do you find time for yourself? Get up early. It’s become routine. And with those […]

Aug 14
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I live for dark chocolate and one evening after work, Will thoughtfully picked up a 90% cocoa bar. I wasn’t even aware that 90% had hit the market yet. With that said, I knew exactly what was coming. I broke off a square for myself and handed one to Will. His face was priceless. “That […]

Aug 03
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Over the weekend, I introduced my husband to Pinterest. My cousin had been fearlessly pinning some drool-worthy recipes as of late. “I’m in a food funk,” I told him. “Check out these pins and let me know what sounds good.” It didn’t take long for him to catch on. Roughly one hour later, he handed […]

Jul 29
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The fresh berry harvest is truly one of the best things about summers here in Texas. I get ridiculously excited about bing cherries in particular. My family however, does not share my enthusiasm. Half the bag of cherries was ready to turn when instead, I chose to sort them again, washing and pitting the good […]

Jul 27
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“I get to work and I’m so hungry.” Will tells me. I thought to myself, we have Cheerios, why not just have a bowl of cereal? Then I thought back of my days working for a company with an amazing breakfast service. I could almost taste the 3 egg veggie omelet I ordered nearly every […]

Jul 13
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Out of a desperate need to unfunk myself, I threw the kids a cupcake party. How does that work? Well, I gave myself 24 hours to clean house, bake and transform into a slightly less-perfect June Cleaver. By doing so, I am utterly incapable of thinking about any of those things from my previous post. […]

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