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Mar 21
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This idea of growing things from seed has been in the back of mind for 2 years now. My first attempt had failed miserably.  These were certainly not the bean plants I had grown in first grade and I was grossly unaware of the process. Using a starter kit, I planted roughly 110 plants. I […]

Feb 07
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I know many of you by now have discovered Pinterest and are complete addicts. I can say I certainly am but the question becomes, what pins have you actually completed? Like many addicts, I try very hard to justify my addiction. Surely those umpteen hours I spent last week repeatedly clicking “See more pins” was […]

Feb 02
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In January, it dawned on me that in my little iphone 4Gs was an 8 mega pixel camera. Maybe I didn’t truly need that digital SLR for point and shoot photography after all. The challenge became taking pictures of things that were not my children or recent purchases. I became inspired by my friends online […]

Jan 30
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One of the fabulous things about being a stay at home mom is your influence. You don’t necessarily have to adhere to the same standards your parents or care providers had for you. With a few minor tweaks, certain rules can go right out the window. Rule 1: No painting in the house. I’ve had […]

Jan 05
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I read somewhere that often times artists have a hidden art talent. I write and cook.  Occasionally I draw but that’s mainly for me. It’s not broadcasted anywhere that Erin draws. I just periodically feel like tearing through my garage to pick up a sketch pad. A few months ago, I discovered Pinterest and became […]

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