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Aug 16
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 Ahhhh!!!! It’s the 25th anniversary of the murky footage and blood loss that is Shark Week. While I do enjoy a good mauling, my kids are simply not old enough to partake. Was I willing to abandon the tradition? Absolutely not. Long live Shark Week! I just needed to water it down a bit for […]

Aug 10
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I absolutely love Autumn. Last year, I had spent months waiting around for the leaves to change colors and drop. I had bookmarked several leafy crafts to welcome in the new season. It was late in November when the leaves began to turn and sadly, the HOA didn’t share in my appreciation for “yard waste.” […]

Aug 09
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About this time last year, the kids and I were adjusting to the new place. We endured that record setting heat wave by reading books and making crafts. It was almost like winter in that it took 20 minutes to cool the car down. We only went out if we had to. That’s when I […]

Jul 29
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  Footprint Robin by Sweet and Simple Things has been on my to do list for quite some time.  I wasn’t prepared to steel the idea outright so much as I was inspired by it. I was hoping to paint the birds I grew up watching. The kids were given 2 choices: red for cardinals […]

Jul 04
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Admittedly, I spent a good 2 hours last night trying to come up with an awesome Independence Day craft to share with the kids. I had come across several variations of the patriotic hand print on Pinterest. Hand print flags seemed like the way to go. Ky and Lo will take any excuse to paint. […]

Jun 28
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Hooray for really nice delivery guys! Our neighbors were having appliances delivered. I watched the guy slowly breaking down the packing material and approached him. “Are you just going to throw the boxes away?” “Yes.” He replied. “Can I have them?” I asked. “Sure,” he replied. “Would you like me to carry them across the street?” I […]

Jun 14
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Yes. It is possible to be tired enough to forget the eggs 3 times in your birthday cake. While I’ve only made 3 birthday cakes from scratch ever, my son had asked me specifically to not buy his from the store. So after distinguishing that colors are not in fact flavors, we settled on black […]

Jun 11

Today, is my son’s 4th birthday. 4. Yeah, really. I have no idea where the time went but God help me, I will be doing a better job at documenting it. One of the really great ideas I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest is that of the birthday interview. For the most part, it’s a […]

Jun 03
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Jun 01
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It’s June! I’ve been steadily watching Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day project since January but was never able to commit to the project past 3 days. How will June  different? You ask. Well, Kylie’s lab work came back and she has Mrsa. Gasp! The antibiotics she is on prevent her from being out in […]

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