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Jul 03
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The 4th of July is tomorrow and as usual, I’ve waited until the absolute last minute to get craftsy about it. Today, I raided the kids crayon bin and with patriotism in mind, pulled all of the broken reds and blues. I was steadily chopping them up when the children cautiously asked what I was […]

Jun 15

I spent the past 5 days manning the Imagination Station at VBS. What does that mean? I, Erin Hall was Mr. Wizard. Too old for you?..Bill Nye?…Beakman? Wow. Sid the Science Kid?! Growing up, my brother and I loved these shows but for this generation, once you out grow Sid, it’s slim pickins.   I […]

Apr 22
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In honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d tell you guys about a cool D. I. Y. project I did with the kids recently. About a month ago, the kids and I made flower pots from a stack of newspapers I had lying around. What I love about this particular project, is that there is […]

Dec 13
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Hello friends! I am keeping good on my word and posting instructions for the DIY madness I’ve committed myself to this Christmas. I had found this great activity post on Wonder Baby. Then, I showed Will who decided it might work better as an ornament. After sorting out the logistics, it was onward and upward. I […]

Dec 07
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[xt_br] In my November Wrap Up post, I had mentioned my decision this year to celebrate advent by doing something Christmas-y every day until the big day. I spent a lot of time on looking at DIY Advent Calendars and must-do lists for the holidays before deciding I am just not that organized. While  I […]

Nov 02
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Last Halloween, we had a neighbor who had placed jarred candles up the sides of her stairs to light the way for trick-or-treaters. She lived on a fairly steep hill and her yard was fairly dark. I thought it was a wonderful idea. Then Will pointed out it was a fire hazard. Not to be […]

Oct 23
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Halloween is 8 days away. 8 days! Here are 8 great Halloween crafts to celebrate. Enjoy!   1. Pottery Barn Knock Off Ghosts: 2. Coffee Filter Cobweb Garland: 3. DIY Glow in the Dark Slime: 4. Drippy Monsters: 5. Skeleton Wreath: 6. Papier Mache Pumpkin Lanterns: 7. Yarn Spider: 8. Boa Bats:

Sep 28
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Over the years, our fridge and fireplace have held countless pieces the kids have made but I think it’s only fitting to share them with you as well. This is Kylie’s Gallery. All works shown here have been created and selected by my daughter to showcase here. Enjoy!    

Sep 16
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When Kylie was gearing up for the new school year, I was busy researching fancy lunches for my little girl. I imagined packing her bento box. I would get up early and cut all of her fruits into flowers. Ky would have lunchbox notes and know she was loved. Sadly, outside of having her sandwiches […]

Sep 08
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  Knock on wood, the dead of summer has passed us by. Yesterday, it was 104 degrees and today, we’re at a lovely 84. This is the first time in months we’ve had the windows open. I can remember vividly waking up to days like this in Maryland. I’d eat breakfast, get dressed and immediately […]

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