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Jun 11

Today, is my son’s 4th birthday. 4. Yeah, really. I have no idea where the time went but God help me, I will be doing a better job at documenting it. One of the really great ideas I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest is that of the birthday interview. For the most part, it’s a list of questions you ask your little one on his or her birthday and a recent snap shot (ideally taken on said birthday).  I love this idea. This gives so much more than just the picture or the little keepsakes you’ve kept all those years. This is your kiddo, present, front and center. Long live my 4 year old son!

I found this great template at: A Day in My Life. Then, I called the birthday boy in for his interview. I asked him all sort of things.  He enthusiastically gave his replies while bouncing up and down with excitement. I wrote down his exact words and only assisted when he was unsure of my meaning. I should add that my printer is dead and that my poster paint has mysteriously vanished. Not to be deterred, I had my Logan write his name on a blank sheet of paper with a sharpie.  I took a picture of his signature and  his hand, palm side up. These 2 images were then emailed to myself, downloaded and Photoshopped. 1 hour later, I had a completed interview for both of my children.

Here they are, front and back:



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