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Aug 16
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 Ahhhh!!!! It’s the 25th anniversary of the murky footage and blood loss that is Shark Week. While I do enjoy a good mauling, my kids are simply not old enough to partake. Was I willing to abandon the tradition? Absolutely not. Long live Shark Week! I just needed to water it down a bit for the munchkins.

What does that mean? Well truthfully, the idea hadn’t even crossed my mind until we sat down for story time at A Real Book Store. If you haven’t been there for story time, it’s fabulous. Not only do they read to the kids (about 4-5 books) but afterwards, they make craft and are given a snack free of charge. The reader began by telling us we would be hearing stories about sharks today because it was….*dramatic pause* SHARK WEEK!  Cheering followed as the kids gave their united approval of the subject. Who knew preschoolers were so hip to the Discovery Channel?

Seriously, I had to hand it to them, kids do love sharks. Keeping with theme, my kids were handed a construction paper shark cut out, a small paper plate and 2 googly eyes. Those wanting to stick around could have their faces painted.

Kylie's Shark 060

On the ride home that it hit me, we could do an shark themed activity and learn about a new shark every day for a week. We could have our very own Shark Week! The real deal would have wait until after bedtime.

After some quick research, here is my list of 10 fun things to do with your little ones this Shark Week. Enjoy!

1. Make crafts- and

2. Play Sharks and Minnows-

3. Shark Bento!-

4. Shark Coloring Pages-

5. Shark Movie (kid friendly of course)-

6. Visit your local aquarium-

7. Go fishing-

8. Shark Cupcakes-

9. Learn more about sharks-

10.  Shark Cam.-




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