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Sep 16
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When Kylie was gearing up for the new school year, I was busy researching fancy lunches for my little girl. I imagined packing her bento box. I would get up early and cut all of her fruits into flowers. Ky would have lunchbox notes and know she was loved.

Sadly, outside of having her sandwiches cut with a cookie cutter, this did not happen. Instead, I had a moment of whimsy and doodled on her napkin. I drew this:

To my surprise, she brought the napkin back and began telling me how she had shown everyone at Table 3 my drawing.  Then she asked me if I could draw a princess for her lunch tomorrow.

The next morning, I drew this:

Drawing on paper towels with crayons is not easy and I wasn’t sure if a non-disney princess would fly. Thankfully, Ky was thrilled. She snapped up her lunch and off to school we went.

These drawings were getting a little too girly for my tastes. She had seen my rainbow, my princess and a kitty cat (not pictured). A pony at this point,  would have been over kill so I did the next best thing:

We had read “Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I’m off to the Moon” by Dan Yaccarino the night before, hence the inspiration. This is a great book for little ones. Kylie came home sulking because her napkin had been crumpled on the way to school. She could not bring it home to me. I had to laugh. My daughter is so sentimental she saves napkins.

Finally, Friday had come. I didn’t really know what to draw. I was a little out of sorts. “Only special people get blue octopusses with purple polka dots.” I told her. I should have drawn a ninja I thought but she giggled.

While I did not write I love you on a single one of these notes, I’m sure she knows.

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