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Aug 10
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I absolutely love Autumn. Last year, I had spent months waiting around for the leaves to change colors and drop. I had bookmarked several leafy crafts to welcome in the new season. It was late in November when the leaves began to turn and sadly, the HOA didn’t share in my appreciation for “yard waste.” What few leaves remained were certainly not craft worthy enough for me. Well, no matter. We would craft one way or the other. I thought,

Then it came to me one morning after a late night storm. The kids and I were strolling through neighborhood when Logan handed me an enormous leaf he had found. It was still green and in tact, but technically it had fallen. Kylie spotted another one like it just a few yards away. If there had been more than just two, who knows what we would have done but as it stood, there were only two. “We are going to take these leaves home and make something out them.” I told the kids. As usual, they were pretty excited.

When we arrived home, I set up our space. Newspaper, check. Finger paint, check. Paint brushes, check. Card stock, Check. Rolling pin…”Are we making cookies, Mommy?” Kylie asked, cautiously optimistic.  “No Sweetie, we are going to print these leaves and the rolling pin will make sure every bit of them gets printed.” Now, they were really excited.

I turned the leaves on their backs exposing the veiny undersides. “You can paint these leaves any color you like but make sure you do a good solid coat, like this.” I showed them. When the undersides were fully painted, I flipped them on to the plain card stock and handed each child a rolling pin. I then guided the pins and the tiny hands that held them up and down the leaves.”Top to bottom. Top to bottom.” I said with a smile. They giggled and pretended they were baking. I lifted the leaf up and voila! a perfect print.

We repeated the process a few more times each with different colored paper. The prints were barely dry before we placed them on the mantle. Fall had finally come to North Texas.



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