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Jul 04
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Admittedly, I spent a good 2 hours last night trying to come up with an awesome Independence Day craft to share with the kids. I had come across several variations of the patriotic hand print on Pinterest. Hand print flags seemed like the way to go. Ky and Lo will take any excuse to paint. Now normally, I would have done these on canvas or even a clean white T but you work with what you have. There is no greater evil than Walmart on a holiday.



Blank white medium- canvas, t-shirt (I used cardstock)
Red, White, Blue, Black and Yellow Acrylic Paints
Artist’s Pallet
Paint Brushes (I used 5)
Bowl of soapy water
A willing child

After setting up my space, I asked Kylie hold her hand flat so that I could paint it.  Be aware of ticklish children and paint slowly. You will need to make sure you have enough paint on each hand to produce a solid print. The palm of her hand was painted blue and each finger was painted red. I instructed her to spread her fingers slightly while positioning her thumb parallel to the rest of the hand. The hand was placed squarely down on the paper and then re-painted for a second print.If you plan to print both hands, you will need to position your canvas accordingly.

As soon as we had taken Ky’s last print, both hands went into the bowl of soapy water. I was not taking chances. After verifying both hands were in fact clean, she was sent to go play. I repeated the process with my son and then the three of us watched the paint dry. We’re exciting people, really.

A fresh brush dipped in white was used to make the stars. To keep things simple, I painted polka dots. “Classy” Kylie says. “It is classy.” I replied. Then I proceeded to paint in the flag poles; black for the pole, gold for the little ball on top. The kids are pretty proud of their work and I think it’s good enough for the mantle.

God Bless America and Happy Independence Day Everyone!

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