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Jul 29
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Footprint Robin by Sweet and Simple Things has been on my to do list for quite some time.  I wasn’t prepared to steel the idea outright so much as I was inspired by it. I was hoping to paint the birds I grew up watching. The kids were given 2 choices: red for cardinals and blue for blue jays.  My mother loved her birds and these were always the easiest for me to spot. Their choice was unanimously, red.

Now, I’m pretty fearless when it comes to paint but the thought of red footprints all over our carpets had me on stand by. Several weeks later, I did give in. I had the kids wash their feet as I set up. The floor was prepped with newspaper and I filled a medium sized casserole dish half way up with soapy water. I’m not sure what paint was used in the original but we used acrylic.

Kylie handed me her foot and I proceeded to paint the underside red. You will need to be cautious, especially if your subject happens to be ticklish. After trial and error, we found you really need a liberal amount of paint to get a good print. I guided her foot to the canvas, pressed firmly and lifted it straight up and into the casserole dish.  This process was then repeated for Logan’s bird.

After the prints had dried, I painted in all of the little things that make a cardinal a cardinal. The signature crest, black mask and plump little body really transformed the piece. Sweet and Simple Things did it with a robin. I did it with a cardinal but with a little paint, you can turn those cute little foot prints into just about anything. Good luck!


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