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Apr 22
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In honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d tell you guys about a cool D. I. Y. project I did with the kids recently. About a month ago, the kids and I made flower pots from a stack of newspapers I had lying around. What I love about this particular project, is that there is no need to transplant whatsoever. When the time came, we could just drop the pot right in the dirt and it would safely decompose. 

To make the pots you will need:

Newspaper- 3 sheets thick
Masking tape or other bio-degradable tape
A pill bottle or small cup 


First, we cut the newspaper into 5″ strips. The strips will need to be long enough to cover the circumference of your vessel of choice.  I let the kids cut off 1″ sections of masking tape and lined them up on the edge of the counter. With our work station set, I began rolling the pots. Begin by making sure the paper runs parallel to the top of your bottle/cup. Wrap the paper around the vessel and over upon itself. You will want at least 1″ over lap. Secure the side of your pot with tape. I let the kids do this. Next, fold the sides of the bottom over on to themselves and tape. Tape again if necessary. The kids can do this too. Gently remove the cup from the wrapping and there you have it. One bio degradable flower pot.

Newspaper Pots

We ended up making 24 pots or one dozen per child. Not wanting to disappoint, I met with the owners of a local farm and garden store for fool proof plants. With 3 years of fried plants behind me, it’s important to be sure your plants are well suited for your ability and region. The gentlemen gave me sunflowers, sage, zinnias, chili peppers, dahlias, and parsley. 

Filling the Pots

The table was set- 3 packets of seeds for Logan and 3 packets of seeds for Kylie. I sat the bag of potting soil down in front of the kids and asked them to fill the pots with 1/2″  at the top to spare. Then, after giving them a brief reminder of what an index finger is, we poked holes into the soil. I gave the children 3 seeds to put in each hole. We labeled the pots accordingly before they covered up the seeds up with a spoonful or 2 of dirt. Finally, we watered.

Poking the Holes

Initially, these pots were kept in shoe boxes in the window seat of our dining room. I’m telling you now you will need a plastic tray or in my case, a casserole dish to catch the water. I was sure to check the soil every day. If I found it to be dry, I watered it- just a thorough watering, nothing more. The blinds of that window seat were kept closed until leaves emerged. Then, when the leaves began creeping through the blinds, we opened them.

Do not use a shoebox!

They stayed in that window seat until each plant had 2 sets of leaves. Then I got ballsey and moved them out side…and forgot about them. You should bring your plants out into the sun 1 hour/day that first week to get them used to direct sun light and then plant them. Currently, the plants are recovering nicely in my dining room.

We had a lot of fun with this project and the kids really enjoyed watching the plants change over time. I would also like to say, if you bomb this project, it’s still very early in the season. Try try again! Happy Earth Day Friends!


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