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Nov 02
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Last Halloween, we had a neighbor who had placed jarred candles up the sides of her stairs to light the way for trick-or-treaters. She lived on a fairly steep hill and her yard was fairly dark. I thought it was a wonderful idea. Then Will pointed out it was a fire hazard. Not to be deterred, I was positive we would be stealing this idea next year.

I began saving any jar I could get my hands on. And then, I decided to be reasonable. For the sake of design, I needed jars I could easily have multiples of: spaghetti sauce jars, apple sauce jars, etc.

I’ve seen several ideas for painted jar lanterns but I chose to make these kid friendly. A few year’s back I had seen this stained glass jar craft on The Good Night Show. It struck me that the same technique could easily be used to create our Halloween Lanterns.

Daytime Lanterns

Nighttime Lanterns


2 sheets orange tissue paper, cut into squares
2 sheets green tissue paper, cut into squares
2 sheets white tissue paper, cut into squares
1/2 cup Elmer’s School Glue or Glue All
1/2 cup water
Glass jars
Flameless candles
Paint Brushes

Combine the glue and water thoroughly and paint the mixture onto the glass jar.
Place tissue paper squares on to the glue. How many and what color(s)  are entirely up to you.
When the jar is covered to your liking, allow to dry.
Once dry, paint a few coats of the glue mixture over the glass to seal.
Add flamess candles and enjoy!

The jars I made were completely covered in tissue paper. I used a few layers of overlapping squares to get the textured effect. If you’re doing this craft with little ones, I highly recommend taking Nina’s approach to this and making the stained glass jars. Either way, it’s a great craft that costs next to nothing and we truly enjoyed making them.

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