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Dec 13
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Hello friends! I am keeping good on my word and posting instructions for the DIY madness I’ve committed myself to this Christmas. I had found this great activity post on Wonder Baby. Then, I showed Will who decided it might work better as an ornament. After sorting out the logistics, it was onward and upward.

I traced a medicine cup and two bottles we happened to have lying around on to an empty cereal box. If you don’t happen to have a pharmacy in your bathroom like I do, a compass will do fine. I believe my circles were 1 1/4″, 1 3/4″ and 2″ in diameter. If that looks a bit off, use your best judgement. Using the same cereal box, I free handed little hats and arms. The circles, hats and arms were then cut out and spray painted; white for the circles and black for the hats/arms.

Label your parts026

I went ahead and shredded 1 sheet of each of the following colors: white, black and orange. We used construction paper. Copy paper or scrap book paper would work as well.

When the paint had dried, I overlapped the circles smallest to largest and glued them to each other. While the snowman’s body was drying,  I drizzled Elmer’s School Glue over the black hats and sprinkled shredded black paper over them. I suppose you could let them dry. I did not. Instead, I drizzled another layer of glue and sprinkled another layer of shred before pressing the mass into itself. Then, it was left to dry. The process was repeated for the bodies using white shred instead.

About an hour later, I flipped the hats and bodies over and trimmed off the excess shred. I then glued the hats on to what would be their heads. A small piece of orange shred was glued to each head to serve as a nose. When the glue had dried, the arms were attached to the back of each piece.

The next day, I touched up the back of the snowmen with some white acrylic paint. When that too had dried, I sprayed a clear coat of paint over the ornament. I have yet to attach a ribbon but I will.

As you can see, this was a very labor intensive craft. If you choose to give it a shot,  I’d advise making multiple snowman so that by the end of it, it will be worth your effort. That is if the practically free/crazy cute factor doesn’t get you. Happy Crafting!


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