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Sep 08
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Knock on wood, the dead of summer has passed us by. Yesterday, it was 104 degrees and today, we’re at a lovely 84. This is the first time in months we’ve had the windows open.

I can remember vividly waking up to days like this in Maryland. I’d eat breakfast, get dressed and immediately walk myself to the park. However, after months of oppressive heat, going outside wasn’t the kids’ first thought. So while I spent the morning, cooking and cleaning like a mad woman, they let half of the day get away from them in front of the tv. Not cool.

I could hear the wind whistling through the screens when it hit me: I should make bubbles. My kids had spent no less that 3 hours blowing bubbles at my dad’s place and he has a pool. It was genius.

Now over the years, I’ve tried countless recipes. Any recipe that didn’t require glycerin was fair game. Many recipes called for corn syrup. They always needed a good deal of fiddling and I never did get them right. The problem was I had no idea where to even look for glycerin.  Ask you pharmacist, one site suggested.  CVS only had glycerin in bulk and $15.99 for bubbles was out of the question. Then I read elsewhere you could find this stuff in the first aid aisle. Ah hah!  $3 at Walmart was more like it.


[yumprint-recipe id=’2′] 


We always have the ingredients for this recipe on hand. Once you buy the glycerin, you’re golden. This recipe works every time and that’s without any tweaking on my part. So try it.You and the kiddos will be blowing bubbles long after Walmart phases them out for the season. Their bubbles only seem to work half of the time anyway. Enjoy!


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