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Dec 07
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In my November Wrap Up post, I had mentioned my decision this year to celebrate advent by doing something Christmas-y every day until the big day. I spent a lot of time on looking at DIY Advent Calendars and must-do lists for the holidays before deciding I am just not that organized. While  I can commit to seeing Santa, putting up the tree and baking cookies, I cannot commit to dates. There are days where I simply don’t feel like my crafty self and on those days, we watch movies. Thank God for the DVR.

I can tell you what we have done so far starting from November 27th, which for those of you who rely on the little chocolate candies, is the actual start of the advent season.

1. We drove around looking at Christmas lights in the neighborhood.

2. We watched the Grinch. The kids loved it.

3. We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. (always a classic)

4. We rang the Salvation Army Bells.

5. We made peanut brittle.

6. We had cocoa with friends.

7. We played board games with friends.

8. We saw the town’s Christmas tree.

9. We visited Santa Clause.

10. We made snow flake ornaments.

11. The kids wrote their letters to Santa.

Not bad for a ‘by the skin of her teeth kind of girl’, right? The rest of this list contains things I plan to do. I have no intentions of doing them in the order they appear but have every intention of doing them before December 25th.

12. Make snowmen ornaments.

13. Bake gingerbread cookies.

14. Mistletoe make overs- A beauty day for all of us before we take the dreaded family picture.

15. The family picture. Dunt Dunt Dahhh.

16. Homemade Christmas Cards. Yes. I’m serious.

17. A candle lit dinner.

18. Learn about Christmas Around the World and CATW activities (CATW- It’s my blog. I can make up my own acronyms)

19. Put up the tree.

20. Reindeer Games. Check out my Christmas board on Pinterest for ideas.

21. Bring homemade Christmas Cards to the local nursing home.

22. Make this popcorn and deliver to the local police and fire departments.

23. Deliver homemade goodies to the neighbors and Kylie’s medical team.

24. Gingerbread Christmas trees!

25. Go bowling- this was Kylie’s idea. I’m stealing it!

26. Kylie’s Kindergarten Holiday Party.

27. Watch the Kid’s Holiday Pageant.

28. Midnight mass? Not sure about this one but we’ll try.

29. Have the kids donate their old toys to Goodwill.

30. Camp out in front of the Christmas tree.

31. Read Twas the Night Before Christmas.

I’ve been going strong for 11 days and I’m sure by the end of it, I’ll be completely done with Christmas. The praise and impromptu hugs however, have been totally worth it. Be sure to check in for the how to’s on all those DIY things I promised we’d do. It’s going to be a great month!

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