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Feb 07
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I know many of you by now have discovered Pinterest and are complete addicts. I can say I certainly am but the question becomes, what pins have you actually completed? Like many addicts, I try very hard to justify my addiction. Surely those umpteen hours I spent last week repeatedly clicking “See more pins” was so I could spend more time with my kids. Well today, I am justified. Today, I held a play date and we completed acraft straight off of Pinterest: Sandpaper Printed T-Shirts (credits to Alpha Mom of course).

To start, you will need a lightly colored plain T shirt, crayons, and sand paper. We used medium grit. Alpha Mom uses fine. There is a slight textural difference but to each his own!  I gave each child a half sheet of sandpaper and opened the box of crayons. My only instruction to the kids was to color heavily. By this point, you have probably realized I had stopped reading the directions.

Isn’t she adorable? I took her masterpiece and placed it faced down on the T shirt. The iron needs to be set on cotton. The silk setting will not work. This is why we read the directions.

Speaking of those directions, I should have a towel or a piece of parchment paper on top of the sandpaper here to protect my iron. My iron was fine but as to not tempt fate, I will use a bandana next time. I ironed this for roughly 30 seconds. You’ll want to peel back one corner to make sure the design has completely transferred. If it has not, keep ironing and keep checking. Now, are you ready for the magic? Remove the sandpaper and Voila!

I bet you thought we were done. I know I did. As it turns out, you need to place a few paper towels over the design portion of the T-shirt and iron again. This will remove some of the extra wax.  Then to truly set the color, turn the shirt inside out and throw it in the dryer for 20 minutes. The first time you wash these, they go by themselves. After that, wash with like colors and enjoy!


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