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Jul 26
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Southwest Dairy and Diamond the cow joined us for story time at the Van Alstyne Public Library this past Wednesday.  Despite the rain, the children, their parents and the library staff all huddled under the front entrance, eager for the presentation.

Mr. Aaron spoke to us about cow anatomy, the importance of dairy as a food group and how milk is made. Then,  Diamond was hooked up to the machine and we watched as the glass jar nearby filled up with frothy milk.  

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10 things we learned from Southwest Dairy:


1) Diamond, the Jersey cow produces about 2 gallons of milk per day.

2) Milk contains 16 nutrients including: Vitamin A, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B 12, Potassium, Riboflavin, Niacin, and Phosphorus.

3) A cow’s body has hormones but those hormones are not found in the milk. No extra hormones are added to the milk.

4) It’s rare that cows get sick. If they get antibiotics, the milk cannot be used at that time.

5) Farmers only receive between 85 and 86 cents/gallon for milk.

6) The recommended daily allowance for dairy products is 2/3 servings per day.

7) A serving might be a small carton of milk, a yogurt cup or a slice of cheese.

8) Chocolate milk has less sugar than fruit juice and soda.

9) Cows eat oatmeal, barley, corn and grass.

10) Cows won’t bite but they are big and therefore, can be dangerous.



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