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Jul 16
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When Van Alstyne Public Library schedule came out, I was especially excited for pint sized polka. I imagined it to be something along the lines of an old fashioned square dance except nerdier. I really hoped it was nerdier. Ultimately,  we hadn’t seen our story time friends in ages and we avidly support our local library. 

On Monday, I broke it to the kids. They would be learning to dance. I half expected Logan’s response “Do I have to?” “Of course not.” I told him, “but we will go and support your sister”. Kylie was stoked. “We’re going to learn how to dance?” She squealed. “Theoretically.” I replied. There was a mad dash to find appropriate shoes before we headed out the door.

The kids and I arrived at the library to find a man standing in traditional polka garb holding an accordion. There was a television behind him and roughly 20 youngsters on the floor in front of him.

When the clock read 10:30,the man began his presentation. He introduced himself as Uncle Mike. Uncle Mike had a sing-songy voice and melodically rattled off tunes like “The Flying Machine Polka”, “The Happy Wanderer Polka” and “The Firehouse Polka”. There were different audience responses for each. For some, the children danced. For others, they sang back to him. From time to time, he would ask for a volunteer to help him introduce the next segment. The audience, aside from my son was happy to go along with it.

Then, Kylie herself was selected as a volunteer. The man placed a red plaid hat on her head before asking who might wear a hat like that. “A snow shoveler!” cried a boy in the front row. Sadly, we don’t have enough snow for that in Texas and therefore, it was not the answer- 5 points was awarded. It turned out, lumber jack was the answer he was after. A girl in the middle section guessed it and Kylie gave the hat back. The next song happened to be “The Jolly Lumber Jack Polka”.

As the song came to an end, Uncle Mike asked us to watch the tv for step by step polka instructions.  The video ended with a friendly reminder to don’t smoke or ever do drugs- You have to be healthy to dance the polka. Nice.  

The audience stood up and began to polka once more. Halfway through which, my son decided to be a total jerk and push his partner (Kylie) to the floor. She cried and he had a complete melt down. We were left immediately.

Everyone else loved Pint Sized Polka and if you’re looking for something a little different to do with the kids this summer, check out Uncle Mike:



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