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Jul 19
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From June 10- August 21st, Van Alstyne Public Library is promoting the Dig into Reading Summer Reading Challenge. The kids and I do similar challenges every year but I’m writing about this one because the prize package is sweet!

Each prize pack contains 1 free children’s admission to the Barnum and Bailey Circus, free children’s admission the the Dallas Zoo, 1 coupon good for a hot fudge sundae or hamburger at McDonalds, a bookmark, a pencil, seed paper and a pail and shovel to hold it all.

Not to mention, the Certificate of Completion would look great on your reader’s wall. Free wall art! And if that wasn’t enough to get you hooked, the library is allowing you and your child to sit down and set the goal together.  Now is the perfect time to get that reading routine back in place.


Here’s how it Works:

1) Sign up for the Dig into Reading Challenge at the front desk and pick up 1 reading log for each child.

2) Ask your child how many books they think they can read for this challenge. Be prepared for answers like 20 gazillion or 2 and adjust accordingly. 

3) Record that number in the top right hand corner of the reading log.

4) Write down the title of every book your child reads or is read.

5) When you complete your goal, turn the reading log into the front desk and claim your prize.

Van Alstyne Public Library needs 100 readers to turn in their reading logs to meet their goal. I know your busy, your kids are busy but believe me, it can be done! Here’s how:

 Iluvem’s Reading Challenge Hacks:

1) Check out the “treasury” books. These books all contain multiple books of the same character. That really helps fight their urge to read the same book over and over again.

2) Make it a routine. We read to the kids before bedtime. I’m not there with books in hand, they will find me. 

3) Keep a few books in the car for long rides or pop in an audio book.

4) Have a book or two just for them on your e-reader for long waits at the doctor’s office or at a restaurant.

5) Record the titles immediately upon reading them. The Voice Notes app on your phone can be your best friend.

6) Set a reminder on your calendar (app) for the final date of the contest. It’s a bit of a bust if you forget to turn it in.
If you don’t happen to be in our area, no worries! Check your local library for your summer reading programs. Bonus points, if you knock out the recommended reading list before school starts! Happy Reading Everyone!


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