Jun 30
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Dog and Thistle
Jun 30
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Loving: Night swims. Peasant food. Morning jogs with the dog. Reading: Bleach Manga. A good friend of mine gave me the first two Hunger Games books and I recently purchased Kingdom Keepers but when I’m not reading to the kids, I’m reading manga. Watching: Gordon Ramsey. He never gets old; especially with those silly memes going around. Anticipating: A […]

Dog biscuits
Jun 25
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One of the things no one ever tells you is there is no such thing as a free dog. Oakley may have come with no cost up front, but trying to be a responsible pet owner was anything but. Her shots ranged anywhere from $35-65 not including the charge for the office visit. We could […]

Jun 17
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Last month, I wrote a post 10 Universally Accepted Rules for a Happy Mother’s Day with the intentions of addressing Father’s Day anytime prior to the holiday itself. As usual, life happens and the post did not. So without further adieu: 10 Universally Accepted Rules for a Happy Father’s Day. 1. Dad deserves an extra special breakfast, […]

Jun 15

I spent the past 5 days manning the Imagination Station at VBS. What does that mean? I, Erin Hall was Mr. Wizard. Too old for you?..Bill Nye?…Beakman? Wow. Sid the Science Kid?! Growing up, my brother and I loved these shows but for this generation, once you out grow Sid, it’s slim pickins.   I […]

Happy Day
Jun 12
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On June 10th, the Loganator turned 5. June 10th however, is a Monday. June 10th is also the first day of Vacation Bible School. I had volunteered to teach the Imagination Station to a projected 120+ kids that day. So instead of stressing myself out, I thought better of it. We got up and out […]

Special Guests
Jun 06
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3 summers ago, Kylie met her very first best friend. She had had lots of friends in lots of other places but Annabelle was special. The girls had met each other one morning after story time and have been inseparable ever since.  Our two families have spent countless hours at the park,  the pool, the […]

Jun 06
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[xt_video type=”vimeo” clip_id=”67816239″ width=”500″ height=”281″ title=”The Kindergarten Class”][xt_divider]                      

Jun 06
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Robert Fulghum once wrote a very popular book titled “All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten.” Maybe you’ve seen it paraphrased on a poster somewhere. While things like clean up your own mess and saying sorry are timelessly important, my first year as a Kinder Mom has taught me a lot.   […]

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