Oct 31

Me: I hope you can feel my eyes rolling at you. Will: I hope your eyes roll out of your head. Me: They won’t grant divorces based on eyes rolling out of heads. Will: Sure they do. I’ll say to them “Do you see how sassy she is?! Her eyes just rolled out of her […]

Oct 27
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  Sunday October 21st, 10 p.m., Will is locking up and for whatever reason, he decides to open our front door. There he finds a brown paper bag with “Boo! :)” written on one side. Upon careful inspection, he finds a poem detailing the contents of the bag: 1 handful of candy, 2 pouches of […]

Hurricane Sandy
Oct 27
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Half listening to the CBS Weather Report Friday, October 26th: Before making landfall in the tri-state area… Me: The tri-state area…  I call it my Frankenstorminator!!! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ On a serious note, at least in Maryland, every storm threat came with a mad dash for the basics- bread, milk and toilet paper. My parents would actually one […]

Oct 23
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Halloween is 8 days away. 8 days! Here are 8 great Halloween crafts to celebrate. Enjoy!   1. Pottery Barn Knock Off Ghosts: 2. Coffee Filter Cobweb Garland: 3. DIY Glow in the Dark Slime: 4. Drippy Monsters: 5. Skeleton Wreath: 6. Papier Mache Pumpkin Lanterns: 7. Yarn Spider: 8. Boa Bats:

Oct 23
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Kylie: I would be sad if a spider bite-ted you. Me: Me too. I feel the same way about you. Kylie: I would smack it in the face. Then, I’d tape it to the wall! Me: Ok. Thank you?

Our New Home
Oct 19
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If you read my work regularly, you know it’s not like me to take 2 weeks  off without so much as a quip or a comment. So where the heck have I been?  Well initially, I was banned from sharing our good news. What if something fell through? What if nothing happened at all? Several […]

Bacon Mac N' Cheese
Oct 03
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Will and I had gotten to that point in our lives when we needed to meal plan. I can’t tell you how much money I blew buying things we might need or the time it cost us to run out for the things I had forgotten. If that wasn’t bad enough, too often I actually […]

Bike Rodeo
Oct 01
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[xt_br] Today was the 13th Annual Bike and Scooter Rodeo. For weeks, it was all Kylie could talk about. “When is it going to be the Bike Rodeo?” “When is Friday?” “Are you coming?!” Not only was she getting to ride her bike at school but the guys from BicyclesPlus would be there to perform BMX […]

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