Aug 16
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 Ahhhh!!!! It’s the 25th anniversary of the murky footage and blood loss that is Shark Week. While I do enjoy a good mauling, my kids are simply not old enough to partake. Was I willing to abandon the tradition? Absolutely not. Long live Shark Week! I just needed to water it down a bit for […]

Aug 15

My husband in response to the recent California Wildfires: Kind of make you wonder, when they settled in California, was it on fire? ‘Cuz there was no one there to put out the fires. “This place is beautiful. Ignore the fires.”

Aug 14
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I live for dark chocolate and one evening after work, Will thoughtfully picked up a 90% cocoa bar. I wasn’t even aware that 90% had hit the market yet. With that said, I knew exactly what was coming. I broke off a square for myself and handed one to Will. His face was priceless. “That […]

Aug 10
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I absolutely love Autumn. Last year, I had spent months waiting around for the leaves to change colors and drop. I had bookmarked several leafy crafts to welcome in the new season. It was late in November when the leaves began to turn and sadly, the HOA didn’t share in my appreciation for “yard waste.” […]

Aug 09
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It’s been ages since I took the kids out to Chic Fil A. It was hot. We were hungry. What more can I say? The kids were half way through their lunches when they asked to go play. “Ok, have fun.” I called after them. It wasn’t long after before Logan came back pouting. A […]

Aug 09
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About this time last year, the kids and I were adjusting to the new place. We endured that record setting heat wave by reading books and making crafts. It was almost like winter in that it took 20 minutes to cool the car down. We only went out if we had to. That’s when I […]

Aug 07
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On my 10th birthday, I received my first gaming system, a Nintendo NES. My kids however, were ages 2 and 3 when I began handing over my Droid. I had loaded all kinds of cool apps on there just for them. Flashcards, drawing games, drum kits, anything that would ensure good behavior in restaurants and […]

Aug 05

It’s been 5 years since he last bought himself a pair of sneakers. Will: They make my feet look so tiny and cute! Quick! Action shot!

Aug 03
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Over the weekend, I introduced my husband to Pinterest. My cousin had been fearlessly pinning some drool-worthy recipes as of late. “I’m in a food funk,” I told him. “Check out these pins and let me know what sounds good.” It didn’t take long for him to catch on. Roughly one hour later, he handed […]

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