Jul 25

Last night on Freaks and Creeps on Nat Geo, Lucy Cooke and her team tranquilize a Proboscis Monkey to learn more about its rather large nose. Then, this happened: Me: Hey, hey guys. There were these strange people in the woods last night. They shot me with a dart, measured my balls and put this […]

Jul 20
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Regular admission to the Dallas Zoo for the kids and I would normally set us back $30. Then there’s parking, $7. If we feed the giraffes it’s $5. If we feed the lorakeets it’s $1 per cup. If the kids ride the carousel, that would be $2 for each of them and the list goes […]

Jul 13
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Out of a desperate need to unfunk myself, I threw the kids a cupcake party. How does that work? Well, I gave myself 24 hours to clean house, bake and transform into a slightly less-perfect June Cleaver. By doing so, I am utterly incapable of thinking about any of those things from my previous post. […]

Jul 11
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Ahh, the Summer of Suck. Truthfully, this began as a Spring of Suck but 3 months later, my optimism has worn off and we call a spade a spade. Here is a composite time line detailing what exactly went wrong: Early April- Staph Early May- Staph (3 rounds total) Mid May- 2 unexpected deaths in the family. […]

Jul 10
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Every now and then you have to get a little crazy with your kids. For me, that usually involves some endeavor in the kitchen. My kids are ages 4 and 5. Cooking with the little ones doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It can actually be a great experience for you both, if you lay down […]

Jul 05
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Fun fact: Will, in his former life, was a bartender. He’s actually one of the best bartenders I know. I don’t know why it never occurred to me he would take an interest our popsicles. The kids had just about finished the last round of them when he suspiciously began to rinse out the mold. […]

Jul 04
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Admittedly, I spent a good 2 hours last night trying to come up with an awesome Independence Day craft to share with the kids. I had come across several variations of the patriotic hand print on Pinterest. Hand print flags seemed like the way to go. Ky and Lo will take any excuse to paint. […]

Jul 04

Will: You two need to settle down. Mommy’s in a bad mood. She doesn’t feel well. If you don’t settle down, she will bite your head off. She will literally put her mouth over your giant head and bite it off. Now go eat your tiny bowls of cereal.

Jul 03

Will: You have the weirdest idiosyncrasies of anyone I know… No thank you oxygen mask, I can NOT breathe all on my own.

Jul 02
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Will and Logan had been playing on ABCya for quite some time. Kylie was losing her patience. She storms into the office to ask me if it was her turn on the site. Logan, overjoyed by his lesson, skips full force into the office knocking his head on the doornob. He immediately bursts into tears […]

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