Jul 31
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Logan is sitting on the playroom floor strumming his guitar. Kylie: Come on. Come on. Play Old McDonald. Logan: I don’t know that one. Kylie: Yes you do! Play Old McDonald. Logan begins to play. Logan: Old McDonald had a farm e i e i o. And on that farm he had a *pause* cow. […]

Jul 30
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Jul 29
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  Kylie: Is that in the movie theaters? Will: It will be soon. Kylie: We should go! Will: We’re not going today. First off, Daddy’s back hurts. Kylie: 2nd off, they have chairs there.   See ParaNorman in theaters this Friday, August 3rd.

Jul 29
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The fresh berry harvest is truly one of the best things about summers here in Texas. I get ridiculously excited about bing cherries in particular. My family however, does not share my enthusiasm. Half the bag of cherries was ready to turn when instead, I chose to sort them again, washing and pitting the good […]

Jul 29
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  Footprint Robin by Sweet and Simple Things has been on my to do list for quite some time.  I wasn’t prepared to steel the idea outright so much as I was inspired by it. I was hoping to paint the birds I grew up watching. The kids were given 2 choices: red for cardinals […]

Jul 28

Will: I’m a little disappointed in the Australian volleyball team. Me: Why’s that? Will: They’re wearing pants.

Jul 27
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“I get to work and I’m so hungry.” Will tells me. I thought to myself, we have Cheerios, why not just have a bowl of cereal? Then I thought back of my days working for a company with an amazing breakfast service. I could almost taste the 3 egg veggie omelet I ordered nearly every […]

Jul 26
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Shamelessly stolen from Samantha over at heartshapedleaves. Loving: My friends. We’ve had so many restrictions this summer thanks in part to various health concerns. I’m amazed by how many of you guys have kept close despite it. For that, I am truly grateful. Reading: The  World of Susie Wong. This book was written 1958 and reads like […]

6 years
Jul 26
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Nothing says I love you like a sharpened zanpakutō. Meet Sode No Shirayuki or Sleeved White Snow; Rukia Kuchiki’s sword from the anime series Bleach. Yesterday, was my 6 year anniversary of dating my now-husband Will. This sword was his gift to me. Something you probably wouldn’t guess, is that I have a deep appreciation […]

Box Tops
Jul 25
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On back to school night 2012, amid the countless hand outs I received, was a page labeled “Turn Trash into Cash”. Clever I thought. I wonder how many of you toss those little coupons away without a second thought. I know I certainly have. I would save them for months, have no idea how to redeem […]

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