Mar 21
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This idea of growing things from seed has been in the back of mind for 2 years now. My first attempt had failed miserably.  These were certainly not the bean plants I had grown in first grade and I was grossly unaware of the process. Using a starter kit, I planted roughly 110 plants. I […]

Mar 18
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I’m a big fan of tradition. On St. Patrick’s day, we eat corned beef and cabbage because it’s tradition. This is the one time of year our corned beef does not come out of a can in the form of hash. It is the only time of year we willingly eat cooked cabbage.  We do […]

Mar 18
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I was 14 when I learned to cook. Making things from scratch was a real badge of honor then. I had learned to make gumbo from scratch. I could make spaghetti sauce from scratch. In fact, if I hadn’t spent at least an hour in the kitchen making whatever I was making I felt lazy. […]

Mar 14

Me: It’s pi day, So what kind of pie would you like ? Will:  Yum, Banana cream pi. Will:  Are you gonna do it with whip or meringue? Banana meringue pie v.  banana cream pie? Me:  If I can make meringue in the food processor, yes but I think you almost have to have beaters […]

Mar 12

Me: Ooh! If we do get the bunk beds, we should do a camping theme. Like plaid bedding, a play tent and we can even do a mural of the woods. Will: Yeah, with a big ass creepy owl because there’s always a big ass creepy owl in the woods. Me: No no, wild turkeys […]

Mar 12

Me: We should get a bunny! Will: What? Why? There are bunnies in our backyard. Me: Yeah, that’s a great idea. “Kylie go play with the wild hares.” Will: I don’t think they’re wild. When I’m out there smoking, they come right up to me. *Thump* *Thump* *Thump* What do you you want. *Thump* Go […]

Mar 10
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I was taking a bubble bath and when I emerged from the tub, I hear “Wow! You came up just like a whale.” Then Kylie shares with me the picture she had taken with my cell phone. Mortified, I confiscated the cell phone and deleted the picture. While I could appreciate the hilarity of my […]

Mar 05
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Prior to 2009, I hardly gave any thought to what we used to clean our home. I had effectively narrowed it down to Windex, Lysol, Bleach and Pledge and I was happy. My house not only smelled clean but it was clean. In fact, if any of these companies were to create air fresheners of […]

Mar 01
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In the previous post, we learned I like to hang on to things. What I failed to mention is I actually drove my first car until it broke apart in the middle of the road. I knew the Geo was a little rough but was very surprised at the strong reactions my children had when […]

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